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Sketch 2 is the highly anticipated second release in the Sketch series of painting games. There are 24 levels to enjoy this time around, and you’ll be challenged not only to outline, but also color in the object throughout each of the levels.

The game is broken up into three separate stages. The first stage consists of levels 1 through 8. This stage will have you drawing common objects: stars, houses, trees and more.

Next, you’ll move into phase two which is made up of levels 9 – 16. In this stage, you’ll be drawing different flags from around the world. Test your drawing skills on everything from the Russian to American flag.

Finally in stage three you will be put to the ultimate test with more complex drawings to complete. In levels 17 – 24 you will mostly be sketching faces. The game’s difficulty really increases at this point, so be ready for the challenge!

In each of the stages and levels you will have to sketch out as much of the object as you can before it fades off the screen. After that, it’s up to you to complete your drawing from memory. Use the thin paint brush to outline don’t forget to fill in your drawing with color using the thick brush.

After you’re happy with your painting, click the ready button and you will be given a grade percentage based on how accurately you recreated the original image.

See how far you can get and don’t forget to check out the original Sketch for more painting fun!

Sketch 2 Game Controls

  • Select color/brush – click on a color/brush at the top of the screen to select and use it.
  • Draw/paint – left-click, hold and drag your mouse to draw on the game screen.
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